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Oakley Sunglasses

Many of Oakley's sunglasses will come in a standard fit style, which fits many people. Oakley has infused some of their sunglasses with High Definition Optics, or HDO, which is a technology that meets or exceeds the standards of the American National Standards Institute. This means that they are made with impact resistance, great optical clarity, and excellent visual fidelity. Furthermore, these sunglasses have a three-point fit that allows the frame to only touch at the bridge of the nose and the sides of the head.

Oakley has made their sunglasses in a way that doesn’t put substantial amounts of pressure on the side of the head, near the ears. They are also made with c-5 technology, which means that five extra compounds are bonded to the main alloy frame.


  • Everything on these glasses is high-quality. The Justins are simple, stylish, and chic. I love these. I no longer wear any other pair of glasses, nor will I buy any other brand of glasses.
  • These are original RayBan sunglasses. They are comfortable and have an up-to-the-minute fashion look.
  • I love these sunglasses. Great buy!!! Polarized sunglasses work so good. I love the style as well! Highly recommend these glasses.